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Rosemary Fairweather fights through adversity to deliver 'Heavenly' second album

Every once in a while, a project comes along and reminds us that music has the power to transcend the limitations of the human body. Rosemary Fairweather discovered this firsthand after suffering a severe concussion that cost her much of the past year. Even though the injury hampered the Toronto vocalist’s ability to travel and perform, it did not stop her from releasing a dazzling sophomore album entitled Heavenly: A Second Collection Of Songs. Fairweather has been teasing the album by releasing singles over the past few months, which have culminated in a collection that delivers a fascinating blend of dreamy soundscapes and endearing rock vibes.

Fairweather manages to maintain a cohesive sound over the nine tracks even as she dabbles in some diverse influences. There are points where she uses funky grooves like with “On The Radio” and “Where Birds Fly,” others when she leans more into rock and roll like on “Once In A While” and “Feel Better,” while elsewhere we can hear influences of techno and straight up shoegaze like on “Superstar,” “MTV,” and “Heavenly.” The common thread through it all is Fairweather’s engrossingly unique vocal delivery that floats over the top of the mix, capturing the attention of the audience at every moment. Considering the challenges she has faced this past year, Rosemary Fairweather should take solace in the breathtaking sounds and thoughtful lyrics she has delivered on her second album.

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Alt-Pop · Dreampop · Shoegaze


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