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Broris Brejcha does dance floor damage by way of 'Butterflies' EP

Masked techno maven Boris Brejcha returns in his latest EP, making major dance floor damage across three tracks comprising Butterflies. Released via Ultra Music, the EP features singles “Redemption,” “Butterflies,” and “Sternengleiter,” all displaying sounds from Boris’ self-coined genre "high-tech minimal."

"Redemption" kicks off the EP with eight minutes of intelligent progressions through minimal and impactful heavy-hitting soundscapes. "Butterflies," the EP's namesake, proceeds through heavy grooves and mind-bending techno breakdowns while "Sternengleiter" drives it home with steady basslines. As his third release of the summer, the three-track record sees Brejcha’s sonic explorations into the realm of "high-tech minimal" reach new heights. The artist shares, "As a butterfly you feel free. You can be carried by the wind. The title was created in my winter break, free from all obligations."

Brejcha is also wrapping a major North American tour, with stops made in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, Toronto, and Chicago. More dates are to come from the man in the mask, so stay tuned to socials for the latest news. 

Listen to the Butterflies EP here.

Connect with Boris Brejcha: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify

Dance · Progressive · Techno


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