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Jean Dawson is back with haunting visuals for "90's GREEN SCREEN" [Video]

Jean Dawson is back with stunning new visuals for "90's GREEN SCREEN." Directed by none other than  mastermind Julian Klincewicz we're all too happy to fall further into Dawson's Bad Sports EP.

Responsible for Beyonce's "Homecoming" and Kanye's "Life of Pablo" visuals, Klincewicz appears to create immersive worlds at the drop of a hat. Here "90's GREEN SCREEN" is no different. Hazy overlays and nighttime colours fit perfectly with Bad Sports. Dawson clad in an intensely bold red evokes a strong punk vibe. However this changes at just the right moment to a more mellow ochre when the music swiftly becomes more laidback. As a result we see a hyper saturation of colour that reflects a genre-fluid song. Tackling themes of hyper-masculinity in his musical passages, "90's GREEN SCREEN" incorporates influences from Dawson's upbringing. Raised solely by his mother in Tijuana and San Diego near the border, Dawson in the video seems like an outsider on the edge of the world.

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