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The Pendletons tease new album with groovy "Running Away"

There are many music styles that struggle to keep up with passing trends and our increasingly short attention spans. Especially as we continue the perpetual search for the next best thing in music. There are others, though, that persevere over time to charm audiences regardless of the era. Funk is one of those styles, with a recipe largely unchanged for half a century of irresistible grooves, soaring melodies, and plenty of swagger. While funk bands abound, The Pendletons stand out for consistently delivering music that honors the history while carving out its own place in the lineage. San Francisco duo E da Boss and Trailer Limon have released a new single “Running Away.” 

“Running Away” features many of the traits that have been making audiences bounce along to funk music from its beginnings. With effortless style, The Pendletons provide an unhurried groove full of repeating synth lines and thumping bass notes that establish a danceable foundation for the airy vocal melodies and harmonies. With a California tinge, “Running Away” is an engrossing track that will resonate with fans of funk and beyond.

"Running Away" is from their forthcoming debut album 2 Steps Away, due out October 11 on Bastard Jazz Recordings. Pre-order 2 Steps Away here.

Connect with The Pendletons: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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