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FINNEAS announces debut EP with electric new single "Shelter"

It seems FINNEAS is on a plane that only goes up. After nabbing the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100 for "bad guy," the bedroom-pop anthem on Billie Eilish's debut album, the songwriter/producer is releasing a new single from his own debut EP Blood Harmony called "Shelter."

While FINNEAS is undoubtedly a pop artist, the lyrical side of his work often contextualizes him more in the realm of singer/songwriter. FINNEAS is consistently poetic, and tracks are often imbued with a sense of hopeless romanticism. "I wrote this song a couple years ago and just let it percolate for a while, seeing how it would age,” FINNEAS explains of the track. "When I looked through my music to release this year," he continues, "I came across the demo and was pleasantly surprised to find I still liked it. Usually, I get bored of my stuff almost immediately. I wanted this song to have an urgency to it when I recorded it, the same way that the lyrics do—the kind of feverish feeling that accompanies loving someone."

"Shelter" has an infectious energy. Beginning with an almost tropical beat and giving way quickly to the flood of an electric guitar and booming chorus. Along with the single comes the announcement of his debut EP, aptly titled Blood Harmony. A blood harmony often occurs when siblings sing together—a biological chemistry difficult to obtain unless you have been singing with someone for a very long time. Although the meaning behind this is perhaps obvious considering FINNEAS' long-standing career with his sister, the singer expresses that he would like to leave the meaning behind this title ambiguous for listeners.

Tour Dates:

10/05–Austin City Limits Music Festival–Austin, TX

10/15–August Hall-San Francisco, CA

10/17–Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever-LosAngeles, CA

10/20–Thalia Hall–Chicago, IL

10/23–Warsaw–Brooklyn, NY

10/24–Paradise Rock Club–Boston, MA

Connect with Finneas: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Feature photo by: Matty Vogel

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