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Come "Face à Face" with RIVAGE's new tune on Roche Musique [Video]

Last year French pop duo RIVAGE splashed on the scene, showing off their laid back debut single "La Plage." The project comes as the desire of Kartell and childhood friend Alex Gonzalez to express their love for pop music. What meets our ears is the breezy yacht rock and city pop inspired tunes of RIVAGE. Their new tune "Face à Face" picks up right where the hazy melodies of "La Plage" left off.

Warm, velvety layers of instrumentation and vocals from Luke Anger will send your heart cruising to RIVAGE, which actually translates from French to mean shore or beach. It's hard not to fall for the nostalgic, summery vacation that "Face à Face" brings. Simply close your eyes and drift off into the sunset over water. Look for "Face à Face" out now via Roche Musique.

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