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Van Houten share dreamy debut with "Moon"

Recently signed to Clue Records, Leeds quintet Van Houten share their exquisitely gorgeous track "Moon". The first release from their debut album, "Moon" is an ode to new love. 

A curious exploration into dreamy soundscapes, "Moon" is a glorious debut. Omitting shimmery dream-pop sequences and combined with bittersweet vocals, the track delves into the minds of five whimsical creatives. It's comforting just how easy it is to get lost among these congenial melodies, with their tranquility producing a lush feeling of contentment.

Lead singer, Louis Sadler, explains: "Moon is essentially a very personal love song. It explores the fleeting qualities of love and the desperation of wanting to give somebody anything and everything. The line "You always leave so soon" describes how a crush or loved one always seems to leave before the one chasing has chance to show the full potential of their affection. It was written around 3 years ago after I heard Weird Fishes by Radiohead & was intrigued by the chord changes. It's been reworked lots since then until it turned into Moon."

Despite being newbies in the indie-psych world, Van Houten have unveiled a debut worthy of continuous praise. Their quirky guitar licks and soothing drum beats have resulted in a hazy tune, inviting us all to address their greatness before the release of their debut album this September.

Quite simply - Van Houten are class. 

UK Tour Dates:
3rd August - Peddler, Sheffield
24th August - This Must Be The Place Festival, Leeds (with Bill Ryder Jones)
4th September - The Social, London

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