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ELM release colourful lyric video for "Fear"

ELM have fallen in love with themselves. The Dublin-based band has updated their baroque pop sound, fusing classical strings with contemporary production on their latest single "Fear."

"Fear" is a joyous, infectious little slice of pop. Walsh's unique falsetto is contrasted by sweeping pop programming, in a song about the fear of falling in love. At the same time, "Fear" is as much about self-love. The gender-neutral bathroom that houses Walsh is surrounded by colour and other symbols of being seen, of acceptance. 

I met lead singer Dylan Walsh at a music festival in Toronto about three years ago, and distinctly remember thinking that ELM would be a group to watch. At the time, their sound was a little moodier, relying more on dark guitar than percussion. They seem to have retained the sonic element that made them great then, but the rehabilitation of their sound in "Fear" is an incredibly solid direction for ELM. The band has long been an open part of the queer community in Dublin, and they have obviously only grown into their themselves with time. This is a truly stunning return to the music scene for the group. 

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