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Miami Horror is no longer "Restless" with its 70's-inspired electro-pop return [Video]

There are many things in this world that I love, but tennis and cringe-worthy 70's fashion have to be two of the top contenders. Rounding out the top of the list is Australian electro-pop outfit Miami Horror and their new 70's inspired single "Restless". Accompanied by an equally vivid video, this single - their first in two years - is a fresh take on the band's unique brand of electronica and a telling glimpse into the direction they're hoping to take it in. 

Funky and psychedelic, "Restless" takes a big step back from their last Shapes EP by trading in the 80's synths for more organic, smooth sounds. "['The Shapes'] was always meant to be a one-off conceptual project, so once that was complete I began moving back towards the original creative process that Miami Horror started with," producer Benjamin Plant shares, and the final result shows for it. "Restless" simply feels like it's letting out a sigh of relief, happily nestled in its Prince-inspired chords and bass-lines; all the while maintaining an aloof demeanour by steadying the production, and letting the vocals run the show. 

Warm and playful, this track perfectly lends itself to the charming, sepia-toned visuals directed by Keenan Wetzel. "When I heard 'Restless' I was struck with a nostalgic feeling of starting out a relationship; those first feelings of anxiety coupled with the uncertainty whether or not the attraction is mutual," he divulges. "I have always been interested in 1970's culture and how people turned to communities, often ritual-based, to find a sense of belonging. So the idea for the 'Restless' music video was to put a pair of young people into a tennis playing community where they were looking for meaning. Only, instead of finding purpose in this community, they find each other, which leads to both love and realization that the nature of the community was not going to give them any more sense of belonging." 

Miami Horror's new soft approach to their production is a welcome return, and one that we can only hope will yield more inspired tracks, and perhaps even more inspired vintage fashion. 

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