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Talkboy are not "Wasting Time" with their profound questions in new visuals

There are songs about the future, songs about the past, about growing old, and about staying young. While most of these songs tend to lean in opposite directions (either a slow ballad or a dance club anthem), Leeds sextet group Talkboy sums all of these themes up with a cheeky melody that seems to stay right in the middle in their fourth single, "Wasting Time". Its official video-premiering here today- offers up a different perspective to their philosophically playful tune, layering in more questions in a lightly-toned "Black Mirror"-esque storyline. 

To understand the video, it's important to understand the song first. Voicing one of the most quintessential adolescent doubts, "Wasting Time" explores "the catch-22 situation we often tend to find ourselves in," the band explains. "That we should enjoy ourselves as much as we can whilst we’re young , but at the same time, there is an overriding feeling that you are wasting your time and you have the future to consider." These profound musings are heavily reflected in the loaded lyrics, while being juxtaposed with an uptempo composition laden with distinct guitars and boisterous drums. 

The video, however, takes a different approach to the youthful conundrum. It showcases a struggling relationship being salvaged by a technologically advanced form of therapy- VR headsets. The unhappy couple can only stay together while being distracted by a virtual world. While that world is never revealed, it offers up a different commentary on the struggles of the young, and the distractions needed to keep them happy. All the while the band plays on, jovial and untethered, reminding us all to simply live, and maybe even dance a step or two. 

While only being their fourth release, this lively band is quickly ascending the steps toward becoming an unmissable act. You can dance along to their lively performances at their upcoming shows at select U.K cities here

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