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Dance Yourself Clean's new single is a burst of excitement like the party we've come to know and love 

Starting as a small party in Seattle in 2013, Dance Yourself Clean is an indie-pop  bash and a music lovers dream. Now spreading into a massive movement, Dance Yourself Clean hosts parties in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Portland as well as tours internationally including stops in Australia.  It’s transformed from just a little event in a tiny bar to becoming North America’s largest indie dance extravaganza.  With a celebrity following,  Dance Yourself Clean plays nostalgic indie pop hits as well as songs of today with bands including Glass Animals, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire and more. 

In 2016 the promoters behind Dance Yourself Clean launched a record label called Lights & Music Collective. Under that label they are now releasing music taking on the name of the highly praised dance party empire they’ve created. Dance Yourself Clean  just released “Waste My Time” (feat. The Fame Riot),  a thrilling dance anthem featuring captivating keyboards, glistening synths and passionate, soaring vocals. Just like the party itself, the track is a high intensity celebration of sound that keeps the party going. 

In juxtaposition to the upbeat dance vibes, thematically, "Waste My Time" is emotive and poignant.  The song details the relatable story of knowing a relationship is nearing the end and coming to terms with the reality.  Take a listen to this explosive club smash just released.  

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