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Radio Slave and Patrick Mason return as SRVD for the release of "Talking 2 B Mad"

Serving your boom-booms to kick off the week, Radio Slave and Patrick Mason have teamed up for their third release as SRVD. Talking 2 B Mad is a techno double-feature that absolutely slaps, released on Rekids Special Projects

Following the release of Raw Files in March, and Elevate in August 2018, the pair have delivered yet another hard-hitting EP that tickles all the right places. The first track, “Talking 2 B Mad,” is the definition of boom-boom techno, as Twitter is calling it these days. Built on rock solid drums, industrial synth fizzes, and twisted vocal loops, the track awakens a primal part of your being and gets you moving. Sitting at a lengthy nine minutes, this is without a doubt a wicked warehouse dancefloor cut. On the flip, “Twitch” is frenzied techno that’s designed to make you sweat. Boasting huge synths and drums that seem to be getting louder and faster, it’s a number that doesn’t let up and keeps you wanting more.

“WE BACK AND WE MAD !!!” says SRVD on Facebook. The EP is aggressive, but it’s still great stuff—sh*t to punch the air to.

After striking up a friendship at Panorama Bar (of course) in Berlin back in 2018, the two continue to confirm that they are a match made in techno heaven. Mason, a young creative at the forefront of Berlin’s art, fashion, dance music, and LGBT scene brings his unique and charismatic approach to the table and perfectly compliments Radio Slave’s heavy and experimental style.

Rating: 3 boom-booms out of 3.

Buy "Talking 2 B Mad" on Beatport here.

Connect with Radio Slave: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with Patrick Mason: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram



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