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Petrie invite listeners into their groovy "Personal Space"

Disco royalty Petrie are back with their groovy, well-polished "Personal Space", a track that weighs up the pros and cons of moving in with someone. Are they quite ready to commit to living with the same person 24/7? Let's find out. 

The funk-infused single "soaked in delicious off-licence wine" is awash with colourful electronics and swish beats. With clever, memorable melodies and relatable, personal lyrics, Petrie have elegantly produced an infectious dance-pop track. Describing the track, Petrie explain, "[It's about] when you adore each other but you're big babies who couldn't possibly share living quarters."

Incorporating metallic synths and sparkling keys, the excitable track continues to draw you into a euphoric trance. There's simply no way you can listen to "Personal Space" without wanting to dance carelessly in your underwear. Their fresh, newfangled pop is addictive - and that's exactly what we need for summery, wine-fuelled days.

Switching up their release structure, Petrie have decided to develop a musical strategy that fits their flamboyance. Rather than sticking to the typical release cycle, Petrie plan to release much as and when, enabling them to share things without the confinements of genre and "always with stories and poetry at their hearts". 

Petrie are a band you want to add to your playlist asap. Get this funky dreamboat on your radar and dance in your underwear all weekend. You know you want to. 

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Disco · Electro Pop


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