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JT Soul shares new single "That's How U Feel?"

JT Soul is preparing to release his third project but in the interim shares a little something-something to hit us in the feels. His new record "That's How U Feel?" once again showcases JT Soul's ability to tap into our emotions with his heartwarming melodies and a relatable subject matter that speaks to everyone.

"That's How U Feel?" sees JT Soul teaming up with his longtime collaborator myDirtyhaircut who prepares a soothing, laid back canvas for the Montreal singer's passionate vocals as he explores the highs and lows of love and the most fundamental parts of wanting another individual. "That's How U Feel?" bridges the worlds of alternative pop, R&B meshed with some good old soul vibes and is a solid introduction to JT Soul's forthcoming EP 'Goodbye, Lightspeed'. The 6-track EP pulls inspiration from all of JT’s artistry including R&B, Rap, and Pop and is entirely produced by myDirtyhaircut.

Stream the entire EP here.

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Alternative R&B


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