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JT Soul wants to "Lay in the Sun with Your Soul" [Video]

JT Soul's "Lay in the Sun with Your Soul" is the first single from his upcoming 'Goodbye, Lightspeed' EP.  JT Soul doesn't hold back his emotions on this tune as he taps deep into his pain over the solemn but groovy production by myDirtyhaircut. He delivers his verses with a laid-back flow and reflectiveness that is both resounding and alluring as well.

The video depicts an anxious vibe where you can tell that JT has closed himself off in a cabin somewhere and is deep in his thoughts. Though the song’s lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, this song is really about JT dealing with loss, specifically the passing of his cousin and uncle last year, of whom this video is actually dedicated to. To date, he has released 2 projects  372 ; Velvet Tears  and WAV Tape while 'Goodbye, Lightspeed' EP is going to be the third.

Connect with JT Soul:Soudcloud  | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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