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If Vola Tila could only "Turn Back Time" to start on their evocative debut earlier

Swedish producers Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson have spent most of their musical career writing songs for other artists. While fulfilling in its own right, it was a path bludgeoned with artistic challenges and undesirable limitations. Finally, they decided to form their own project, Vola Tila, and "Turn Back Time" is the latest product of that journey. 

Free from their previous writing and producing responsibilities with bands like Passion Pit, the duo formed Vola Tila as a tribute to their true artistic passions. Casting aside the formulaic pop they were so used to, their songs hone in on what makes music so universally loved- how it makes us feel. "Turn Back Time" is drowned in dreamy synths and longing melodies. The vocals remain calm throughout the track, taking a backseat to the dramatic and captivating production. The hook washes us over with a wistful synth chorus, ushering in a slow but determined percussion. Even without the lyrical context, it's easy to distinguish the contemplative essence of this track. Its emotions, unlike most pop songs, course through the production rather than the lyrics, amplifying every unspoken word. 

"Turn Back Time" is the second single to be released off their forthcoming debut EP, Personality Apocalypse. Dark but not menacing, it's an emotive glimpse into this duo's creative soul- and all its wonderful potential. 

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Alt-Pop · Electro Pop · Indie Pop · Pop · Premiere · Synth Pop


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