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Alt-electronic artist Akurei delivers a stimulating ambient-laden effort with “Stockholm” [Video]

Australian ambient-electronic artist Akurei returns with “Stockholm,” a chilled-out and mellifluous single that hits all the right marks. It’s a fresh follow-up to his stand-alone cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)” released earlier this year.

“Stockholm” arrives somewhere between LANY and Saro before traveling down its own pathway. Akurei finds bracing ways to steer his brief endeavor with lush qualities that land upon fragile sonic territories. He produces echoes that churn around, capturing you in his pensiveness. It’s a stirring effort engaged with reflective lyrics passing through R&B-tinged cadences, sheeny electronic beats, and transparent vocals. The tender two-plus minute exertion is embraced by authenticity, warm accents, and ambient tones.

The new single is accompanied by a stylish DIY music video shot by Max Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) during their recent tour across North America. Akurei exposes this about the single and the visual clip,

“‘Stockholm’ is the first of a few songs I wrote on a solo trip across Europe last year. The song came together around a recording I’d done on my phone of the guitar part before I left. I wrote most of this song while staying in a hostel in Berlin and would have to quickly put down vocal takes between roommates returning to the shared room I was in. Lyrically, it covers loneliness and the longing for connection you encounter while traveling alone.”

“I traveled and performed through the United States in February this year with Max (Golden Vessel) and we decided to film a music video with the camcorder he had brought along. We found the fur coat and pants in the same op shop in Boston. We wanted the video to feel a little self-deprecating and goofy.”

“Stockholm” is the first offering from Akurei’s upcoming sophomore EP that is due later this year. The forthcoming endeavor has him teaming up again with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel on co-production duties. They previously worked together on Akurei’s 2018 debut EP August.

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