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Get "LOUDER" with Gommi as he makes his anarchistic return on Heavyweight Records

Recognized for his bass-ridden soundscapes and rapid-fire beats, Gommi has made another appearance for all the psy-trance and hard-style enthusiasts to get a little "LOUDER" to. After his 2018 debut on Heavyweight Records with his bizarre breakout track "PSYCHOSIS," the 23 year old producer is taking his production style to the next level at a 175 beats per minute pace. For all those freaks trying to go hard this summer, welcome to Gommi's world of pure chaos and intensity. 

Launching off with a fast tempo beat to lead into the amplified anthem which alerts all those hard-style fans for the madness to come. The Philadelphia-based producer continues his psytrance-influenced and hard-hitting style which overwhelms all senses along with pulverizing bass lines, menacing synths, and a frenzied vocal hook. With your heart pounding throughout the track, this one is definitely for the heavyweights in need of an adrenaline rush. After taking "Gommi" from a nickname that he used to call his grandmother, this rising producer is off to a promising start and has plenty of releases to come this year. 

Go off with Gommi at 0760 Plus in Zhongshan, China on June 6th. 

Connect with Gommi: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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