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Grace Gillespie asserts herself in newest single "I'm Your Man"

There are fateful moments in every artist's life that become the fodder for their impassioned and expressive works. Then, there are the every-day moments that become the fodder for something even better: The cleverly cheeky breakthrough. London singer-songwriter-producer Grace Gillespie embodies the spirit of an unconventional and playful mind in a sweetly spiced alt-pop delivery. Her newest single "I'm Your Man" is a hit in all the right places, fit for a hazy bedroom oasis or a rainy day escape. 

Instrumentally-clad, "I'm Your Man" is a soothing stream of romantic bass-lines, dreamy guitar plucked melodies, and heart beating percussions. Graciously swimming over its rolling soundwaves are Gillespie's sumptuous vocals, colouring our senses with her honeyed lyrics. Speaking about the track, Gillespie shares that it was born from the simplest of events- a job hunt. "I could imagine an interview scenario where I was dressed up very sharply and was selling myself in an Elvis voice, shaking all their hands: look no further I'm your man."

Although inspired by an imaginary interview scenario, the songwriting on "I'm Your Man" is astutely ambiguous, allowing for any listener to relate it back to their lives in a meaningful way. An often overlooked detail, but one that is crucial for any single to transcend its original purpose. Whether you play it during your self affirmations, or for audial pleasure alone, "I'm Your Man" is a must-have addition to your ambient playlist, and will be found on Gillespie's forthcoming debut EP Pretending, out on July 28th

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Alt-Pop · Dreampop


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[…] her "I'm Your Man" release, London crooner Grace Gillespie has managed to crawl into our hearts with her warm vocals […]