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TRACE reflects on life's changes in newest single "All My Friends"

For Indie dreampop songstress TRACE, life has had no shortage of changes or successes. Since her humble debut in 2015, she has found her name plastered across publications such as Nylon, Pigeons & Planes, Forbes, Stereogum, and even Teen Vogue. Her only EP and a scattering of singles amassed 60 million streams, with comparisons to Lana Del Rey and James Blake flying every which way. In her 2019 follow-up, though, she chooses to take a step back and ask the more important questions in newest single "All My Friends". 

With a somber-toned production accentuated by oscillating electric keys, "All My Friends" isn't just another song, it's an atmospheric masterpiece. Almost instantly, a montage of mirror reflections and city life moments plays in your mind, as you recreate the inner monologue TRACE has penned. "I wrote this song after the success of my first EP, when I decided that I was going to that I was going to full heartedly pursue my career in music" TRACE shares, reflecting on her journey thus far, "I sort of just packed up my bags and went off to LA. It wasn’t an easy transition, but I’ve always felt that true friendships will stay true throughout the shifts that life brings, and this song was a way of me exploring and figuring out who those true friends were. Who really shows up when you need them to? So, with ‘All My Friends’ I want to ask the listener, ‘Who are your friends?’ because I’m learning the answer is a direct mirror of the person we are.”

Sumptuous and soft, "All My Friends" paints the picture of a vulnerable, wary, yet self-assured artist. While writing honest and revealing lyrics, she showcases growth and poise in the face of life and all its changes. No matter how much the city and the industry may waver, we can trust that TRACE's open heart and dream-chasing voice will remain the same. Fans can expect a collection of singles to be revealed throughout the summer, all leading up to her sophomore EP due out later this year via Ultra Music.

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