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Lune urges, "Don't Speak" and feel her infectious beat [Video]

It takes a truly captivating voice to be able to paint words into emotionally charged soundscapes, transcending languages and meanings alike. Swedish songstress Lune (Linnéa Martinsson) is one of those talented voices. On her resumé, she boasts of a lucrative collaboration with Swedish House Mafia on "Leave The World Behind" as well as lending her voice to Adrian Lux's single "Fire". These early successes, however, are not what define her. Having since released her own tracks and opened her own record label Play Human, Lune has proven that her musical passion isn't bound to anyone else's demands. Her first single in two years, "Don't Speak", is an enticing electro-pop track that thrives on its minimal composition and hones in on her greatest strength-her voice. Its fittingly alluring visuals- premiering here today- play on the primary intent of the song, which is to make you feel and move, rather than talk and analyze. 

The visuals, like the song, are minimal and yet you can't tear yourself away from them. An orange hue envelops this video in its warmth, reminding you of hot summer days with nowhere to be. It's a creative reflection of Lune's thoughts on the song: "['Don't Speak'] moves like a warm wave through my body, making me dance from the inside out. When I sing, you can see synthetic soft orange lasers beaming from my mouth."

While we don't see those lasers in the video, we are treated to self-directed choreography by Lune's companion, as she cooly goes about her day on the couch. This perhaps best describes this track's appeal- the fluid and syrupy sweet vocals juxtaposed with the contained yet effortlessly cool production. It's a commanding debut for 2019, and one that will lead to new music this coming summer that we can't wait to stop talking about and start moving our bodies to. 

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