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Yoke Lore strips down to make you feel "Safe and Sound"

Indie pop project Yoke Lore (Adrian Galvin) has long been shrouded in a veil of melancholic electronic notes and penetrating lyrical conceptions. His forthcoming project, Mediations, aims to uncloak the veil and reveal the vulnerable, honest, and euphoric spirit that has fuelled his solo project since its inception in 2016. Along with the EP's stripped-down re-interpretations of previously released songs, it will feature two new singles. Its first single, "Chin Up" is a dizzying arrangement of soft banjo strings and theatrical horns. The second and newly released single, "Safe and Sound", emanates the same dramatic flair with a roaring piano ballad and oh-so-dreamy vocals. 

Stirringly beautiful, "Safe and Sound" emulates its name in the comforting melodies and gently lulling harmonies. Every "ooh-ooh-ooh-oooh" tugs at your heartstrings, curling up in a forgotten space inside your mind and spreading its warmth throughout your entire body. When sharing his thoughts behind the track, Galvin explains the evolution of relationships and their different meanings throughout history: "In the Stone Age, they meant survival. In the Victorian era, they meant politics. And I think part of what they mean in our era is refuge. A bright spot of intimacy in an otherwise intricate web of depersonalization and the mass casual insincerity among daily interactions." 

With sophisticated and moving lyrics likening a love to a "safe and sound" space, this track embodies Galvin's allure as not only a musician but as a beacon of cultural awareness. Stripping down to the core of it all, his honest and vulnerable artistry is a welcoming reprise from today's shallowly produced pop counterparts. You can catch him on tour for select U.S and U.K shows this summer. 

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