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M w S emanate the mystical power of "Moonlight" in newest single

Italian duo M w S have spent the past few months gently wrapping us up in their snug blanket of soulful R&B with a buttery vocal delivery in gems like "Grow" and "Show Me Love".  Ever the hardworking pair, M w S now grace us again on newest single "Moonlight". 

Soulfully tinged with disco flairs, "Moonlight" is described by the duo as a dreamscape of surreal moments: "[It] was inspired by a dream Giulia had after watching 'La La Land'. Most of the images comes straight from a surreal atmosphere of dreams, where you can sometimes meet your 'self' and find the courage to break out of your comfort zone. " Leading the charge is Drovandi's playfully arranged production of carefully strummed guitar notes, feathery beats, and whimsical synths. With an ever so slight nod to jazz, "Moonight" can fill large empty spaces with its sonic soundscapes All the while feeling like it's being played for your ears only. In fact, Magnani's ethereal vocal delivery is reminiscent of Old Hollywood grace, successfully turning "Moonlight" into a weightless trip through a lucid dream. 

With a debut EP planned for release this summer, and their first headlining show at Servant Jazz Quarters in London on June 12, the tides are turning for this introspective duo, and it's not because of the moon- they have their own awe-inspiring talent to thank for that. 

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