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Yung Pinch teams up with GASHI for "Wink Emoji"

Huntington Beach rapper/singer Yung Pinch releases new song and video "Wink Emoji" with GASHI.

The two artists got together for a song that isn't tied to any one genre: it takes elements of hip-hop, reggae, and even pop to create an undeniably exciting three minutes. It's as lively as it is youthful. The apt production from Cisco Adler and Ronny J allows GASHI and Yung Pinch to craft a wavy island vibe that doesn't disappoint. The visuals perfectly encapsulate both the track's vibe and lyrics. When Yung Pinch is first singing about leaving a note on a girl's dresser, a girl whose bed he left opens a note and promptly rolls her eyes. Yung Pinch makes his way to the skate park, where the majority of the video takes place. He and GASHI are seen enjoying themselves in the sun before the police get to the park and they're forced to run. Press play up above to watch the video and hear "Wink Emoji." 


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