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Mating Ritual exudes easy-going effervescence in "Hot Content"

Groovy and lax, Mating Ritual has released their latest LP entitled Hot Content. Showcasing silky luscious vocals atop rich funk-fuelled soundscapes, these highly contagious up-tempo tracks are a feel-good paradise. Hot Content nods to an old school, retro sound while still staying modern.

Kicking off the LP is a song appropriately titled “A Beginning (Descent)”. Ascending as it goes, the instrumental track builds to a heightened level of electronic spaced-out sounds crafting the perfect segue into the following track, "U.N.I." "U.N.I." contains velvety vocals, classic keyboard and jazzy electric guitars. Radiating with enthusiasm, this upbeat tune with danceable beats is an exceptional start to this vibrant LP. Another LP standout is “Boys Don’t Have To Be Boys”. The song features fiery electro rhythms paired with passionate vocals. Singing, “You don’t have to be violent, you don’t have to be cold. It don’t make you a man to be out of control,” the track is an empowering anthem, challenging gender stereotypes.  

After that comes “Name of Love”. Highlighting striking synths, bouncing beats and a stunning intense vocal tone, the track narrates a feeling of losing your self-identity in the name of love, which is something many others have experienced themselves. This track is one that will definitely resonate with listeners on a deep level. Ending the masterful LP is the effortless and chilled out “Game”. With soft, delicate vocals gliding across smooth flowing beats, it’s the perfect way to slow things down, rounding out the energetic LP.

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