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M w S returns with buttery single "Grow"

The introspective Italian duo M w S is back with some gentle soul with their new single “Grow.” In their first release since “Complicated” from last month, the London residents Giulia Magnani and Francesco Drovandi have produced another engaging track that shows off their strong musicianship and thought-provoking themes.

M w S has a sound that is undeniably earnest and emotionally resonant. Between Magnani’s heartfelt vocals, Drovandi’s percussive guitar playing, and the soothing beat, it feels as though they are there in the room with you. The song features an atmospheric production from the pair, who collaborated with Leo Saubusse and Santiago Morales to cultivate a blend of beats and soundscapes that reflects the contemplative lyrics.

The song examines the challenge of wanting to keep learning and growing amid a reality full of responsibilities and anxiety. In a recent Facebook post, M w S described the song as being “for all the people that spent all those years sharing flats, paying rents, being stressed and confused and scared about the future, trying to learn through the years about themselves and growing one step at a time.” It’s a message that should hit home with listeners of all ages and backgrounds, really, and provides further proof that M w S are a group worth following.

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