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Misty Mtn 'Missed Your Call' because they were too busy releasing their debut EP

The coming-of-age story is a typically formulaic cliché completed with scenes of complacency, struggle, and finally- acceptance. It is, in fact, a much more nuanced journey, and not necessarily one that you take once. Inevitably, it adopts an acknowledgment of the need to move forward to a new beginning. It is this vital step that the dark pop duo Misty Mtn used as inspiration for their debut EP Missed Your Call

Teetering between the tender and the dark, Missed Your Call is a five-track exploration of what makes us vulnerably human. Sharing their thoughts on the EP, they explain that " [it's] is about moving on. Whether that be from a place, from a person, from an addiction, etc. It's about the process, and we wanted the title to illustrate the feeling. We want the audience to choose their own adventure- our music and our stories are for them. 'Missed Your Call' can be whatever you need in the moment." Kicking it off with the not-so-subtle "Drive", they tell a story of the love worse than unrequited: The undecided. Morissa gently croons "I'm sick of your indecision| Either want me or you don't | I'm done with inconsistent" over a bed of peaceful electronic keys and pockets of gently strumming guitar chords. A clever delivery for a message usually tinged with outer and self-hatred. Choosing to turn it into a graceful and calm composition grants it a silent power greater than any roaring production or robust wailing ever could provide. 

"We'll Call It Even" paints life and love in the city through modest snapshots of picturesque moments. Once again commanded by Morissa's cherubic vocals, the stripped down dreamy pop production plays a supporting role, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the story and find their own image in it. Picking up the tempo slightly, "Silver" separates itself from the rest of the EP with its seductive nature and spiritual leanings. A stand-alone in the masterfully curated track-list, it serves as a gentle reminder of the duo's true talent in creating richly textured and evocative productions authentic to their mountain roots. 

The latter half of the EP closes out with the lead track "Guess Who's Back" and the folk-tinged "Goodnight". An impressive showing of Misty Mtn's range and musical flexibility, this EP encapsulates the fluttering heart and racing mind of someone who is in the in-between. Bottling up all the fears, the insecurities, and silent affirmations, Missed Your Call is a more than just five tracks, it's five chapters of stirring individual stories. It asserts itself as more than just a therapeutic outlet for those looking to move on, it's a coming-of-age for Morissa and Lucas as they grow their sound beyond the confines of their Western upbringing and current city life. 

Celebrate Misty Mtn's EP release with their official release show at Brooklyn's Kinfolk 94 on May 11

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