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Misty Mtn seduce us into spiritual bliss in latest single "Silver"

Mercury is in retrograde, but it has never sounded so good.  Inspired by the idea of astrologically affected behaviour, dark pop duo Misty Mtn caress us in lusciously evocative sounds in their newest single "Silver." 

"Silver" paints a self-reflective sensual journey, engulfed in liquid beats and a menacing bassline. It's the third single to be released off their forthcoming debut EP, Missed Your Call, due for release on May 9. In the process of finishing their EP, Misty Mtn felt like there was still something missing: "We had a lot of songs we loved, but nothing that evoked the word 'sexy'- which for us is more of a feeling, like a grit or an edginess that you feel deep inside. We began discussing both the moon and silver, as elements that evoke the feeling". The resulting single is a slow-tempo seductive piece, with Morissa's cherubic vocals playfully hugging Lucas' richly textured dark synth-pop production. In the hum following "Blame it on the moon", we are breathing in Misty Mtn's essence, exhaling pure pleasure as the pulsating bass courses through our body.

Since first introducing this self-proclaimed "mountain dark pop" duo in 2018 with their "Guess Who's Back" single, we have been hooked on Misty Mtn's brand of contemporary sounds. Taking inspiration from their western roots, their debut EP is accompanied by visuals of natural elements, making the great outdoors as much as a contributor as the duo itself. Their official EP release show will be held at Brooklyn's Kinfolk 94 on May 11, which you can get tickets for here

Connect with Misty Mtn: Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Soundcloud|Spotify

Dark Pop · Synth Pop


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