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Misty Mtn displays their brand of dark mountain pop on ‘Guess Who’s Back’ [Premiere]

For burgeoning duo Misty Mtn, their story simply goes like this: singer Morissa Trunzo grew up in Montana with a lot of her time spent singing at rodeos. Lucas Segall, who handles the production side, had his upbringing in Los Angeles, playing in several indie bands. Last year, the pair connected in Brooklyn, where they are now presently located. With their distinctive inspirations and previous western surroundings, the two craft music in which they self-proclaimed as “dark mountain pop.” Misty Mtn is now releasing their second single “Guess Who’s Back.” Bobbing and weaving somewhere between the likes of electro-pop and folk-pop, “Guess Who’s Back” flows with grace and tranquility. The twosome's unique assortment of sonic qualities of slick synths and dream-like melodies along with sharp writing occupied with its musings is something listeners should invest in early on. 

The duo had this to share on their new single: "‘Guess Who's Back’ is one of those songs that our audience really chose for us. After every show, people would come up to us and say "'Guess Who's Back’ is my song. I have felt that!" And so for us, the fun challenge was trying to recreate what happens live with a recording. Our co-producer, Ariel Loh (Yoke Lore), really helped us achieve the mix of organic meets electronic that we've tried to do with our live show. We hope our new fans feel that with ‘Guess Who's Back,' and come check out what a Misty Mtn show is all about."

“Guess Who’s Back” follows the band’s debut single, “Greener”—a pastoral effort that exemplifies Misty Mtn’s rural influences. With their freshest effort, Misty Mtn expands every musical strand they have, with great emphasis on Trunzo’s searing vocals and Segall’s multi-layered arrangements. At the intersection of where Wye Oak meets Land of Talk, Misty Mtn’s echoes feel akin to those special acts. However, the band’s sprightly resonance mixed with their pop sensibilities takes them on a different path to get to that same heavenly destination.

Misty Mtn will have a release party for “Guess Who’s Back” on October 16 at Antler & Woods in Brooklyn, NY from 7 to 9pm.

Connect with Misty Mtn: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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