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Madeaux gives us the unexpected house flip of "Black Magic Woman"

The original version of "Black Magic Woman" from Fleetwood Mac had cast a spell on us back in the 70s, as the legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, put his unique spin on the track. A few decades later, LA-based producer Madeaux revisions the record and delivers a surprising reworked house cover that we did not know we needed. 

The overall narrative of this record is raw as listeners are treated to hearted-wrenching actions paired with deftly delivered emotion. The steady four-on-the-floor beats run in parallel with Madeaux's own sultry vocals right from the beginning, conjuring up an exuberant package featuring elements of blues, rock, and house. The most poignant moment happens when he introduces shimmering low-end guitar riffs drenched in a breathlessly funky feel, leaving us with no other options but to move along with the same voracity. 

“I’ve always loved Fleetwood Mac and felt that their energy would translate well into the electronic space," Madeaux shares. He actually recorded this cover for the poolside when the sun is going down, and the afters when the mood is right. The violent sonic architecture surely stands in sharp contrast to this after-hours atmospherics. 

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