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Embrace the darkness within on Night Gestalt's "Dark Summer"

Night Gestalt's newest is a haunting journey of sound. With a spine-chilling slow build and devastating vocals from another realm, "Dark Summer" is here to scare. The track comes in advance of Night Gestalt's forthcoming experimental LP New Glasir, the second installment of a trilogy of albums due May 10 on Slow Future Vault.

Night Gestalt mastermind Olle Cornéer is also known as one half of the iconic EDM duo Dada Life (kick up the epic motherfucker), but expect no dancing bananas here. Quite the polar opposite actually. "Dark Summer" slow builds like a horror film score, layering beckoning melodies atop daunting negative space and the cutting vocals.

The lyrics appear to speak of looking back on love lost from a dark and deserted place. "Faster than bullet pierces straight through the sky / an eternal light, we were high / now they're only memories, just like those summer nights / Darkness comes to me." The seasons may be changing for the warmer, but it's always a cold winter's night with Night Gestalt. 

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Electronic · Experimental


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