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Claudia Bouvette is urging us to "Cool It" with her fiery debut [Video]

In the exceedingly concentrated sea of dreamy bedroom pop melodies, it takes a truly unique and singular sound to break the monotony. Enter Quebec's Claudia Bouvette and her debut single "Cool It", a remarkably fresh alt-pop hit that hits you like a splash of brightly coloured paint on a wall of grey.   

"Cool It" is impressive in its ability to effortlessly switch tempos, keeping you entranced with its swirling movements and bubbly inflections. Controlling all of this are Claudia's tender vocals, smoothing over the eclectic production with her guarded breeziness. The song exudes an air of liberal confidence, as Claudia sings of a healthy open relationship skewing to one side, and the subsequent advice to simply take it easy. When working on it with producer Connor Seidel, Claudia shares that "as with most writing sessions with Connor, we talked about our lives and within minutes the song came to life. We both loved the bedroom pop production and focused heavily on layered vocal production, allowing the music to stay dead simple and straightforward." Proving once again that sometimes less is more, "Cool It" manages to intrigue without being obtrusive or overbearing, simply letting the music speak for itself. 

The accompanying music video was shot in Quebec, and directed by Sebastien Duguay, depicting Claudia alone in her different spaces. The solitary is meant to represent the empowerment of taking control of your own narrative in the moments reserved only for you. A powerful debut, you can expect to hear more from Claudia as her debut EP, Cool It, releases on June 12th. 

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