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Collect Call toe the line between fantasy and reality in "BluPil" [Premiere]

With influences ranging from Four Tet, James Blake to Thom Yorke, UK electronic group Collect Call have emerged with a sound comprised of driving beats, euphoric synthesizers, and emotive vocal hooks. Sharing with us today their new single "BluPil", the group explores the feelings of isolation presented through 21st Century Communication which they describe "ultimately feels like it's floating in cyberspace in an illusion of closeness with complete strangers."

Going on to share, "BluPil" speaks to the idea that " the more you let yourself become consumed with fantasy, the more you become to believe it’s a reality. Floating between immeasurably shattered possibilities that you cannot mend." Sonically, Collect Call combine organic samples and digital/analogue production to create their hybrid sound.  As a collective, they walk a thin tightrope between dance music and somber melancholy. "BluPil" is their sophomore record and we look forward to hearing more from them later this year.

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