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Emma Elisabeth abandons the passenger's seat to become the "Pilot" of her own life [Video]

When putting "Swedish" and "pop" together, you probably immediately start hearing the jangly piano of some ABBA or Ace of Base song, feeling nostalgic for the pop songs of an older generation. Swedish songwriter Emma Elisabeth is here to prove that pop doesn't have to sound like a jukebox musical- and that's a good thing. 

EARMILK was first introduced to Emma last year with her "Soul Traveller" single, a soulfully smooth piece that quickly epitomized Emma's abilities not only vocally, but lyrically as well. Her newest single "Pilot" is no different. A dreamy pop compilation of detuned 80's synthesizers and stacked 70's vocal harmonies, it's a track that is reminiscent of Super 8 films and coming-of-age. An empowering message of taking back control of a relationship (or your whole life, really) is laced into every lyric. When sharing the personal meaning behind the song, Emma discloses that it's about "one person you can't hide from and that's yourself. The song's about connecting with who you are, dealing with your doubts, finding out where you gotta go, putting on your high boots and wading through whatever shit you have to go through to get out on the other side." 

When the time came to create the music video, Emma collaborated with director Sarah Blaßkiewitz to visualize what's inside "[Emma's] quirky head. [We] had the vision to create this DIY, dreamy, silly, but oh-so-serious at the same time kind of video. With Top Gun references, airplanes, glitter backdrops, full band, and fish sticks all weaved together in a glowy visual." 

You can expect to hear more from Emma Elisabeth, as her debut album drops this summer on June 21st. In the meantime, you can catch her performing at SXSW this year:

March 15- Second Stage Play at Cannon & Belle- 8pm
March 16- Showcase: Victorian Lounge at the Driskill- 12am 

Connect with Emma Elisabeth: FacebookInstagram|SoundcloudSpotifyWebsite


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