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Broken Back strips "Young Love" down in cheery acoustic session [Video]

If you’re looking for an upbeat, cheery, and dance-worthy track, look no further. Broken Back released an acoustic performance of his popular January single “Young Love”. The French singer-songwriter creates this rhythm with a concoction of African and French inspiration. The acoustic session stripped down the swinging, pop beat of the original single and replaced it with clapping, toe-tapping and mild percussion.

Broken Back, the musical identity for Jérôme Fagnet, came into being when at twenty-two years old he suffered a back injury. He used his time in immobile healing to develop music. This music surrounded a positive attitude towards his situation, and he quickly became a Spotify sensation. Last year, he had 46 million streams. Bathed in a bright orange glow, the “Young Love” acoustic performance reflects that positivity which radiates from this single and its unique sounds and buoyant vibe.

There is more to come from Broken Back. As his acoustic video noticeably hints: to be continued.

Connect with Broken Back: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Acoustic · Pop


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