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Local Natives have come together again to ask "When Am I Going To Lose You" [Video]

The Los-Angeles indie rock quintet has finally come together again to announce their fourth LP, Violet Street, and release its first two singles- "Cafe Amarillo" and "When Am I Going To Lose You". The latter is accompanied by an impressively artistic music video starring none other than Kate Mara. Directed by Van Alpert, the video is shot purposefully and meticulously, creating an air of ambiguity that reflects the track's sentiment perfectly. 

The band's last LP, Sunlit Youth, was released three years ago, which would usually drive fans to pine and whine for new material. But those three years were by no means wasted. Two of the band members, Kelcey and Nik, used that time to release their own debut solo albums under the monikers Jaws of Love and Chewing, respectively. But the announcement of the band's new LP and consequent tour was still welcomed with open and overly eager arms. 

"When Am I Going To Lose You" is a melancholy one-sided conversation, painting the different scenarios in which a relationship can fall apart. It's a beautiful lyrical composition of coming to terms with a fate that's always been known to you and waiting for your partner to inevitably succumb it. The song's distinct drumming, epitomized by Matt Frazier, breathes life into this track, while the rest of its instrumental composition manages to capture that indie rock sound that only West Coast bands can achieve. With an infectious rhythm and an explosive chorus, "When Am I Going to Lose You" is setting a defined, mature, and dare I say- lively tone for the highly anticipated LP. 

Violet Street drops on April 26th, and you can already purchase tickets for their summer tour here.

Violet Street Tracklist:

1. Vogue
2. When Am I Going to Lose You
3. Café Amarillo
4. Munich II
5. Megaton Mile
6. Someday Now
7. Shy
8. Garden of Elysian
9. Gulf Shores
10. Tap Dancer

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