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Davina Oriakhi's "Hosea 4v6" will have you thinking deep

British Nigerian Singer-Songwriter Davina Oriakhi newest single "Hosea 4v6", and an accompanying video, showcases artistic growth and a new turn for the blossoming vocalist. The record was produced by her and Lex Amor and serves as her time behind the boards since her duet "Vanity" with Soul artiste, Preyé. "Hosea 4v6" is largely inspired by the Biblical verse about lack of knowledge which Davina uses as the foundation for her plea for consciousness. The record is primed with Afro-rhythmic pulses stringed by minimalistic low keys that solely act as the score to the singer's enthralling vocal performance. 

On the record, she has taken a step further in merging her own personal experiences, research in African history and her art in a fluid manner. She is not bound by restrictions and goes into chant-like mode to fully convey her message about African suppression and freedom. "Hosea 4v6" as a single also comes with a very expressive visual that allows Davina Oriakhi to embody her musical fluidity in every sense of the word. Drenched by an alluring black and white palette, Davina brings the song to life with a spirited dance number and emotionally rich performance. 

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