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KEYRA's "Life Support" is a vibrant lesson in banishing negative vibes

Budding Stockholm based artist Keyra shows just how defiant she can be on her new single "Life Support".  The record is brimming with 90s elements laced with contemporary pop energy, which are all accentuated by Keyra's in your face performance. On the song, her commanding vocals convey the strength of an individual who has had it up to here and is ready to move on to better things.  The verses build up into a crescendo on the chorus where she boldly states "...I take you off life support, I'm gonna pull the plug on you..."

The visual helmed by Daniel Svanberg and Keyra herself is very expressive and depicts her element as focused and unwavering. The cinematic set pieces and throwback aesthetics also add an emotional drive into the mix. As a very hands-on artist, she knows what she wants and shoulders her career thoroughly through her own label.

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