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Heavy Heart drops gripping music video for "Bed Bug" [Premiere]

Fresh off the release of their single “Bed Bug” last month, the London group Heavy Heart has returned with a fascinating and at times unsettling new music video for the track, premiering today on EARMILK. The song itself, which was co-produced by Grammy winner Gabe Wax and Patrick Fitzroy, features an interesting blend of accessible elements like a head-nodding drum beat and shimmery guitars with a subtle yet definite edge in its lyrics. The video follows suit, starting with a seemingly innocuous - if a little obsessive - love narrative that gradually delves into darker terrain.

Technically speaking, the video is an engrossing piece of work from director and editor David Zbirka. In it, he weaves together a series of still images that each briefly float in the frame for a moment, creating a feeling similar to stop motion animation. The images create an impressionistic experience, which reflects the song’s lyrical themes that cut to the core of our most honest, raw emotions surrounding love, loss, and the search for happiness. With Zbirka’s aid, Heavy Heart has offered up a video that not only expresses its musical source material but also adds an entirely new dimension to it through a different medium.

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