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Mija brings new meaning to the word "cinematic" on "The Space In Between"

Mija has just dropped an impressive, 24-minute long edit of her track "Notice Me" from her 2018 EP HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS. The new version is a gorgeous, enveloping storytelling through sound and deservingly has a new name, "The Space In Between pt. 1," aptly titled for the literal and figurative expanse it covers, as well as the space it will take up in her new live show. Serving as transitional music in her show - a live performance with a full band - this release is her latest display of what fans can expect to see. In the past weeks, she has posted videos of herself doing live covers of artists like Linda PerryDevendra BanhartAtmosphere and The Beatles.

Mija's tour starts at the end of February, details below.

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