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Heat things up this Valentine's Day with an exclusive playlist by Petit Biscuit [CRSSD Exclusive]

French DJ and producer Petit Biscuit has quickly come up the ranks as one of the most sought after young electronic acts in the world. With catchy melodies and vibrant beat structures, Petit Biscuit is a dangerous multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter creating some of the most complex and mesmerizing modern electronic tracks. Prior to his upcoming performance at this year's CRSSD Festival in San Diego on March 2, the musician shared with us an exclusive playlist to help heat things up this Valentine's Day. Hit play on the following playlist and check out Petit Biscuit's thoughts behind each track below:

James Blake "I'll Come Too" - I'll Come Too is by far my favorite track of his new album. You should do like James Blake on this Valentine's Eve: don't come home, go travel a little."

The Bloody Beetroots "Chronicles of a fallen love" - "Since its release in 2012, that track is still an essential of mine. I am attached to those first moments of EDM, even if I dig the way it's evolving now. This song is more an ode to the ones that lost love rather than the one who can experience it on this Feb 14. Yet, being aware you could lose that person which makes you happy helps strengthen the bond you have with them."

LANY "Thick & Thin" - "Favorite song to listen to when I'm with my girlfriend."

Darius "Helios" - "I'm sure it would be a new staple on your "love playlist" ! Darius is a friend of mine and a really funny guy, last time we met was in the South of France, we came up with a beach aftershow on the spot, that's a moment I'll remember forever."

Raveena "If Only" - "This little ballad is THE well-being song, I can promise long hours of chilling with your soul mate haha."

Rejjie Snow "PINK FLOWERS" - "Rejjie Snow is very different from other modern rappers. This dude has its own style and this track is a big reference for me."

RUFUS DU SOL "Treat You Better" - "The new album of this fantastic band is on repeat for me since it's available. Treat You Better and Underwater are my favorite, IMO their best body of work."

PETIT BISCUIT "Problems" - "In Problems, Lido talks about love in a kinda complex way (haha) but perfectly crafted. We composed this track in 4 different countries: I did the music in France, he recorded the first vocals in Australia, then I finished the music in the USA and Lido recorded last vocals in China I think... or at least somewhere in Asia!"

Ben Lukas Boysen "Sleepers Beat Theme" - "Nowadays I'm only making electronic music, but I like to listen mostly to stuff that is not in that genre. Ben Lukas Boysen is an artist on label Erased Tapes, among Nils Frahm and others. It's my gold mine of tunes, the kind I want to listen at any moment or in any situation.

Sigur Ros "svefn-g-englar" - "I'm crafting this playlist straight from Iceland, no way I'm not including some Sigur Ros. Svefn-g-englar is kind of their hit track, and also my favorite."

Coldplay "Fix You" - "Here we go, I'm digging up the old classics. One of my favorite toplines ever. On this Feb 14, I declare my love to Coldplay (and I don't think I'm alone...), and here I take the opportunity to say they're one of my dream collaborations."

joji "Come Thru" - "It's all about mood... When you listen to this track at night, riding a skateboard in the empty streets, with your significant other on a board next to you... a mood tho."

Set on the gorgeous waterfront of San Diego, CA, this year's CRSSD Festival will boast performances by ODESZA, Phantogram, Jungle, Petit Biscuit, Whethan, Lane 8, Justin Martin, Ladytron, Maribou State, Tourist, Charlotte LawrenceGiorgia Angiuli, and more.

For tickets to this year's CRSSD Festival, please visit: https://www.crssdfest.com/

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