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Mija bares her own vocals in track "Notice Me"

"well i’m sitting in the dark again, refreshing. 
following that girl was the dumbest shit i ever did. 
I want you so bad in this weather.
If only we could be together."

It doesn't seem so long ago that LA based Mija and Ghastly put together the wonky favorite "Crank It" alongside Lil Jon. Three years down the line after DJing around the world and defining her bad ass image, Mija is now piecing together her debut EP "How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers". Just in June 2017 of last year, Mija had put out "Time Stops" made up of 4 tracks to accompany her visual project, flashing Mija's quirky love for lo-fi 8-bit with dreamy happy hard-core vibes. Last late December, Mija unveiled the first track of the upcoming EP, "Bad For You" ft. Kelli Schaefer. The track showcased a melancholic facet of Mija's sound, with Schafer's haunting vocals, avante-garde composition and a bittersweet sluggishness. Somewhere in between shoegaze, 8-bit and indie folk, "Bad For You" is a prime example of Mija's imprint "Fck A Genre"'s intent, as the track's sound is undefinable. 

In "Notice Me", we're treated to Mija's own vocals, marking the first time the producer has sang in her own work. The beginning starts with a chilling piano interlude to set the tone. Her production references mundane sounds, the incessant clanking of a tin, subtle creaks in the wood floor, poetically rearranged into emotionally fuelled bliss. Mija's longing voice is comforting and eerie all at once, a refreshing voice to hear in the world of cookie cutter bubblegum EDM tracks. The track ends with soft growls of synths and fizzles out into a deep and sentimental lull. All in all, Mija surprises us with a somber and thoughtful sound, that will slow listeners down in all the best ways. Mija's EP is set for release on Feb. 9th.

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