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Darwin & Mainecoon team up with Maky Lavender on "Too Far"

Production duo Darwin & Mainecoon team up with Montreal rapper and beatmaker Maky Lavender on their new single  "Too Far".  The track is a blend of electronic and hip-hop with a tinge of pop to smoothen it out. The warm textures and steady groove serves as the right canvass for Lavender's reflective, somewhat love-laden lyrics and overall mellow cadence. To be honest, his style reminds one of a more laid-back Lou Phelps. Check it out below:

The visuals follow Lavender around downtown Montreal as he journeys to an unknown destination."Too Far"  is taken from the upcoming Black Label compilation due out March 1st on Nowadays Records (Clement Bazin, Leska, La Fine Equipe, Fakear ). 

Connect with Mainecoon: Soundcloud | Facebook 

Connect with Maky Lavender: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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