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Sip on some sweet nostalgia as UMI takes you all the way back to "High School"

For her latest single, “High School,” LA’s UMI leans pop with a fun ode to adolescent romance.

Peep the video below.

Ah, the infamous high school party. Who among us can’t recall an epic house party? Thinking back, you can almost smell the cheap beer, cigarette smoke, and anxiety that permeated every gettogether. When would the cops bust things up? How could you buy booze and conceal it from your parents? Was that certain somebody going to show up? Every party seemed like it was going rival Project X before you got there and, well, it didn’t.

With “High School,” UMI distills all of these nostalgic feelings into a 3:30-minute video. From the frantic scramble in the beginning to the pre-party preparations taking place at home, “High School” has it all. What’s more, UMI delivers a wonderfully light-hearted pop song on top of the above, making the listener drift off to those comparatively carefree high school days.

“The song itself is about reflecting on a cringy high school relationship and wanting to give it another try,” the singer says about “High School.” Cringy, here, is the perfect word. It’s incredible how embarrassing we all were in our late teens. With her upbeat delivery, and realization that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t as mature as she thought back in high school, UMI pens a track that bounces with bubblegum-colored honesty.

Watch “High School” above, and be sure to keep it locked, right here, on EARMILK, for all your UMI updates.


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