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AJ Salvatore impresses with sincere indie pop jam "Coming Back To Life"

The last time we heard an original song from AJ Salvatore was when he released "Alone," making listeners break out the tissues with a brooding pop ballad. Today he dropped his new single "Coming Back To Life," which strikes a more sanguine chord while remaining under an indie pop umbrella.

Featuring an incandescent vocal effort from Joe Sparrow, "Coming Back To Life" beautifully incorporates subtle electronic elements to complement its fluid indie backbone. One of those production methods is the use of vocoders, which adds a level of depth to Sparrow's voice and, in turn, a more potent and emotive arrangement. Salvatore also makes use of crisp synths and rumbling bass lines, consistently churning to a bouncy 102 BPM. Overall, it's a radiant yet delicate fusion of electronic and 80's-inspired synthpop that should prove to be a solid addition to Salvatore's catalog, which you can peruse via the links below.

Connect with AJ Salvatore: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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