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Noé opens up by throwing a colourful "Pity Party" [Video]

Raised between Hong Kong and Aix en Provence, France, Paris-born singer-songwriter Noé is a colourful force of pop, R&B and indie-alternative sounds—a soulful singer bound by painfully honest lyrics. Her newest single "Pity Party", marks the artist's new direction, as she distances herself from former pop and dance collaborations.

The raw lyrical content flourished with downtempo stylings displayed in "Pity Party", sets Noé apart from others. "I’m dramatic, have a tendency to dwell on my feelings and maybe feel a little too sorry for myself (sometimes)," she shares. "And as if I wasn’t sensitive enough for two, I always date people just as deep in their feelings as me." The songbird masterfully casts her whirlwind of emotions onto "Pity Party" through lyricism both honest and joyful. "There’s a certain self-deprecating humour to them and the 'epic-ness' of the song. I feel like that says a lot about me as a person."

The video perfectly encapsulates Noé as whole—an effortlessly cool narrative that illuminates her down-to-earth attitude whilst displaying what it means to be human—raw vulnerability. The quirky, pastel hues overlaid on top of the retro film canvas, is an enchanting accompaniment to her breathy vocals. A light-hearted vision of the deeply emotional message, the juxtaposition of dramatic croons and fairytale melodies, is woefully flawless in execution.

"Pity Party" is the first single off Noé’s debut EP i by noé, set to be released later this spring.

Buy/stream "Pity Party" here.


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Photo: Claire Cali 

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