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Noah Slee's "...and so, we move to Otherlands" is a poignant visual art piece

Noah Slee has always been pushing the envelope when it comes to his message filled soulful compositions. His latest effort is a short film that was shot in New Zealand, Germany, Australia and the U.S., it includes songs from  his debut album Otherland and remixes with a large cast of artists and dancers. The fiftenn minute long film (made up of five tracks) tells the story of human identification and integration, particularly among the LGTB community using dance as a medium.

Using dance as the main motif, the film takes the viewer through what Slee calls the Otherlands which shows the political, sexual and cultural strands of the oppressed. The piece builds via a series of vignettes and give the necessary voice to both the unique and shared aspects of struggle, healing and celebration; all told through the language of dance. There is so much to unpack in just fifteen minutes so sit back relax and get right into it.

Catch Noah Slee on the Majestic Casual North American Tour:

  • Nov 29 - Montreal, QC - L'Astral
  • Nov 30 - Toronto, ON - Adelaide Hall
  • Dec 1 - Washington, DC - A.I.
  • Dec 5 - Chicago, IL - Chop Shop
  • Dec 6 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore
  • Dec 7 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
  • Dec 8 - Los Angeles, CA - 1720

Connect with Noah SleeSoundcloud | Facebook | Twittter Instagram


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