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San Scout is breaking ground in the virtual world with "Soap"

Long live the innovators. Probably not the type of opening line you’d expect to read on a music blog, but honestly, cheers to everyone doing something different. There are so many clones out there it’s refreshing to see and hear somebody new. And speaking of new, feast your eyes and ears on San Scout and their latest track “Soap.”

Bringing you some moody electro-pop all the way from London, San Scout are taking a novel path in an effort to catch your attention. Instead of simply releasing a single, the duo decided to package their song with an immersive virtual reality experience, which you can play around with here.

So what's in this magical and virtual world? A pharmacy. No, seriously, San Scout have created a virtual pharmacy. If you haven't clicked the link, now's the time when you really should. See, San Scout are comparing their music (and all music, really) to drugs. And if music is a drug then the place you purchase the drug must be...you guessed it, a pharmacy. 

What’s awesome about the pharmacy gimmick is that it's not actually a gimmick at all. Instead, the pharmacy is a virtual place us patrons can go to over and over to not only get their latest release, "Soap," but also all future releases. By shirking the normal project rollout, San Scout have created a virtual one-stop shop for their music; past, present, and future. 

Aside from their fun with the pharmacy, “Soap” is an excellent track. The song is brooding and melancholy with a haunting air about it. It fits very well with the sparsely decorated imagery in their virtual world, making the entire package feel complete and well thought out.

Connect with San Scout: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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