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GRANT releases stripped down version of "Changed My Mind"

Swedish artist GRANT has stripped down a stunning pop track and created something equally as striking. Utilizing strings and piano chords, GRANT offers a unique take on Tove Styrke’s “Changed My Mind”, dancing through the streets to an inattentive audience in accompanying video.

As a lover of covers and renditions, I am feverishly drawn to GRANT’s adaption of an already addictive pop song. She holds on to the slaving rhythm, but exchanges the electronic beats of the chorus with strong piano chords. She then ropes in a dimmed down beat to accompany her as the song continues. The listener’s focus lands on GRANT’s room-commanding vocals. The simplified background track and instrumentals allow for this beautiful voice to take the stage.

In her video, GRANT flits about the streets of British town Margate, dancing around and in the background of towns-folk in her red boots. The video creates a truly perfect atmosphere for GRANT’s passionate vocals to once again be the centre of much deserved attention.

The cover is an ode to their joined futures, as GRANT and Styrke begin their Scandinavian tour. “Changed My Mind” follows GRANT’s debut album In Bloom, which dropped earlier this year.

Connect with GRANT online: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube



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