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Get "Faded" with Fade On

FADE ON continues to inspire us with his gender bending, rule defying, boundary-less music in his new single "Faded." 

FADE ON, the musical project of Brooklyn native Sam Schall, embraces the weird and we're all about it. "Faded" is completely epic. This alt-rock track features eerie synths, some funky techno elements, and haunting vocals that soar above its spectacular production. Introspective and thought provoking, Schall talks about an unrequited love and the desperation that leaves.

A powerful hook hits you as he sings, "so just leave me to die, on your cloud you're divine, you don't know, you don't know that you're faded."

"The one-take music video was so fun and crazy to shoot. I really had to rely on all of the moving parts. And I’m fortunate to have some really talented artists in my world" Sam explains, speaking about the video making process, "HOLYCHILD directed it which was so cool. The video and the song take you through my experiences in Los Angeles. I saw the money, the poverty, the drugs, the sex. It’s all magnified there. And of course we end in outer space. The people who are suffering are faded, and the people who turn a blind eye to the suffering are faded."

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through Los Angeles indeed Sam. 

Check him out on his socials: YouTube | Instagram | Vimeo | SoundCloud

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